A Real Definition of Designer Replica Bags

Material used to manufacture replica bags are made up of two categories.

1st Category). Top Quality 1:1 mirror replica bags, they are made of Genuine leather that has the same feel and touch of the authentic. To be noted: replica bags manufacturing factory never use calfskin, sheepskin, crocodile skin etc. It just happens to be they use a real leather to make it has an exact feel & touch of a particular animal skin. Louis Vuitton replica bags genuine leather oxidizes; it will turn into darker honey color after a certain period of time. LV pattern are exactly encrypted on the leather with perfect lining, correct serial no. and sewing perfect topstitching. Genuine leather replica bags do comes with Dust-bag, Authentic Card and Certificates. These identical replica bags cost between 229 USD – 500 USD.

2nd Category). Cheap smelly replica bags that can be brought for 55 to 100 USD on the internet or at the local town. They are very smelly and the leather used for these fake bags are PU leather, within just few days it will start to tear apart due to bad leather & bad sewing stitching. PU leather is very rough and it never oxidizes. It’s better to stay away from buying these cheap replica bags.

These words Replica, Fake, Imitation, Knockoff eventually they are all the same to define something which is known as “Copy”. The only thing is whether you pick a 1:1 identical replica bags or cheap quality replica bags. That’s your decision.

Conversation on Fake Bags sellers’ World & Support

Well I am very eager to speak on this particular topic. Genuinely, replica bags seller’s profits got nothing to do with funding terrorist or supplying drugs etc. Replica bags sellers are the same like other online sellers who earn profits to fulfill their family’s needs and monthly expenses. Selling Designer replica bags is not a crime, in-fact in some of the countries it’s just a few dollars fined and a warning to seize the counterfeit bags stock. Look, replica bags manufacturers don’t implement animal skin to make leather and produce a handbag; they use 100% genuine leather that gets the same feeling and touch of an animal skin. Many factory workers get jobs by producing replica bags. Fake bags sellers also pay taxes every year like how other companies does. They also support charities, NGO, institutions, health care and other social services.

Drug peddlers leads to terrorist funding, there is no way replica bags sellers leads to any sort of criminal act. Carrying Louis Vuitton replica handbags is not illegal; it is 100% safe & based upon individual’s decision to carry it.


Fashionista Loves to Buy Louis Vuitton Replica Bags

Is it wrong to have a desire to buy Louis Vuitton replica bags if you cannot afford for an authentic ones. Nope, there is nothing wrong in it. Everyone would love to carry a Louis Vuitton handbag, but many couldn’t afford it so they look for an alternate Louis Vuitton replica handbag. As we all know Designer replica bags comes with a far much cheaper price that has the same feel & touch of the authentic handbags. So go ahead there is nothing to feel worried about, it’s just that pick the correct store that offers 1:1 identical LV bags so that you don’t get embarrassed while carrying a LV replica bag to your office, party or travelling.